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Burn fat avis consommateur. LA THÉOLOGIE DE L'IMAGO


    ISBN Termenii n limbile francez!

    Boldea, Iulian ed. PhD, Grigore T.

    Termenii echivalen"i n limba romn! Prin urmare, prezenta edi"ie trebuie considerat! Terminologia romneasc!

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    Este interzis! The Romanian equivalents b12 pierderea de grăsimi been added by terminologists at the Translation Coordination Unit in the European Institute of Romania, on the basis of the official Romanian translation of the White Paper.

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    Although the terms have been carefully checked they may be subject to amendment, especially as an increasing number of the full legal texts are translated into Romanian.

    The current edition should therefore be regarded as provisional.

    Zinaida RADU, dr.

    The Romanian terminology will become definitive only when the relevant legal texts have been officially adopted at the time of accession of Romania to the European Union. This publication may not be reproduced for profit.

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    Glosarul i va ajuta s! De altfel, lista termenilor nu este exhaustiv!. Pentru identificarea referin"ei paginilor au fost utilizate metode informatice.

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    Cu toate c! De asemenea, dorim s!

    In April it was revised and expanded to include German and French. The glossary is intended as a working tool. It was originally compiled, on the basis of terminology used in a Commission White Paperwith the primary intention of helping translators and other interested persons in the associated countries of Central and Eastern Europe to understand the many and diverse terms used in connection with the internal market of the EU.

    Definitions and explanatory notes are taken from various sources.

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    The selection of terms and attendant definitions does not reflect any official position as regards the relative political or economic importance of the concepts concerned. Nor does the list of terms claim to be exhaustive. Computer methods have been used to locate the page references.

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    Although every effort has been made to ensure that the definitions correspond to the use of the terms in the text of the White Paper, there may be some differences. We would also like to thank pierde greutatea edem the experts in the ministries and other departments of the Romanian administration who helped us to clarify certain terms.

    We invite the users of this glossary to send remarks regarding possible errors to the following address: European Burn fat avis consommateur of Romania Translation Coordination Unit Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Such abuse may, in particular, consist in: a directly or indirectly imposing unfair purchase or selling prices or other unfair trading conditions; b limiting production, markets or technical development to the prejudice burn fat avis consommateur consumers; c applying dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other trading parties, thereby placing them at a competitive disadvantage; d making the conclusion of contracts subject to acceptance by the other parties of supplementary obligations which, by their nature or according to commercial usage, have no connection with the subject of such contracts.

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