Neonatal seizures: soothing a burning topic.

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Using convecto-radiators is improper and hot air generators, burn oxt review burner burner it is more appropriate, it consumes a very high amount of energy.

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This paper continues the topic discussed in a previous article [1] in which we presented an alternative heating solution to the existing ones.

The heating system mentioned uses an environmentally friendly and cheap fuel biomass.

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This paper presents an alternative solution to insulate a burning chamber BC with high temperature walls that uses pellets as fuel. This technical solution has the benefit of supplying heating agents to various types of heat consumers and to optimize the construction costs through the materials used.

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The BC is design with external ribs on here longitudinal direction. For insulating and cooling the BC, a metallic case was design through which atmospheric air is circulated.

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  • Thorough and timely evaluations of such patients are necessary to identify and treat the underlying etiology, therefore reducing potential morbidity and mortality.
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Three constructive solutions of BCs were analysed. The paper presents the modelling results of the constructive solutions and the calculation method. The calculation was made applying the physical laws that govern this type of heat transfer and was made with discretization segments.

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Determining the parameters of each segment will allow the user to optimize the equipment design. The main purpose of the study is to conceive an alternative technical solution for insulating the BC, that should be cheaper, easy to implement and able to prepare a second thermal agent for heating.

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