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Sabău-Pop, Corruption. Notion and the Historical Evolution of the Phenomenon. Confessional Identity. Cospirazione, doppiogiochismo e rivoluzione nella Russia di Pëtr Stolypin. Geographical Indications. Relations with Russia. Corina Teodor. Romania, London, Haus Publishing Ltd.

Georgeta Fodor.

Colin Swatridge. Although present in many other indo-european and North-American mythologies, the wolfspetze and the beserker had some interesting individual features. Beyond mythology lies an entire web of historic sources written and epigraphic who stresses out the fact that these warriors were not only the fruit of a rich imagination. They actually were present in such rational institutions as the roman army or, later, in the armies of early medieval northern kings.

This paper tries to emphasize a few aspects of this complex problem. Keywords: Germanic, Auxilia, Mythology, Wolfspetze, Berserker In the Germanic ideology and practice war conquered everything and colored everything, said rightfully Georges Dumézil 1 referring to the traditional Germanic society where war became a ritual justified by theology: primarily the assimilation of the battle with the idea of sacrifice, when both the victor and the defeated offered their sacrifice in blood, considering the fact that war and death brought an unique and privileged experience which made the warrior to get closer to the inspired poet or the visionary prophet 2.

Another magical feature was to induce to his warriors a state of blind, almost pathological, fury: all his men were fighting without armor, like wild wolves or dogs. They were biting their shields and they were strong like bears or like bulls.

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They were killing everyone, and nor steel nor fire had no effect on them. It is what they call the Berserkgang 4. In the same order, Tacitus, speaking about the Chatti, he asserted that: they are fierce, but they enhance the savageness of their Lecturer Ph. Just only the seeing of the army of ghosts exercitus ferralis puts you in all the fears of death no enemy can withstand this infernal view: because in all battles the first things which are defeated are the eyes 5.

In any case, Iulius Cesar, Tacitus, or Snorri Sturlusson or even the pictures on the Trajan s Column, describe a class of specialized warriors in missions of reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare.

What is a common feature of all this sources is the uncommon savageness and cruelty of these warriors, especially of the ones gocce eco slim pe dimagrire berserker or wolfspetze the wolf skinner. This class of warrior induced their state of rage by consuming a potion made of a powerful psychotropic alkaloid - muscarinic - with strong hallucinogen effects.

The induced state, especially in the case of young warriors, was a specific one, producing a transmutation gocce eco slim pe dimagrire their humanity in a state of aggressive, blind fury 6. That is why, Eliade considered that, in the case of these warriors, in order to become redoubtable fighters it was necessary to magically assimilate the animal behavior, especially of the wolf s behavior.

So, he was dressed in the wolf s skin in order to impart the way of this predator, or in order to symbolize his transformation in a wolf. As long as the individual was wearing this skin he was no longer human, but a predator: he was not only a fierce and invincible warrior, dominated by the furor heroicus but he became a beast.

He no longer had to do with the ways of humans The young warriors no longer were satisfied just with the war prays, but he behaved like animals, consuming for instance human flesh 7. This cannibalism originated from the idea that by consuming the flesh of the defeated enemy a part of his spirit was transmitted. In all cases, even we have some specific descriptions, it cannot be stated that we are dealing with a common practice.

The transformation in animal-warrior was made after an initiatory fight during which the courage gocce eco slim pe dimagrire the candidate was put to the test. The same Tacitus gives us the gocce eco slim pe dimagrire of the Chatti tribes, where the solicitant never cut his hair or beard before killing an enemy or, at the Thaifali where he had to kill a bear or a boar or, in the case of the Heruli had to go to his first battle and fight empty handed. Saxo Grammaticus, much later in the 9 th century, shows exactly the role of these berserker as elite troops of the king s Army, beside their military role they were considered as protectors of the king s court - and implicitly Odin s favorite warriors - as guards of the sovereign function in the Germanic divine tripartite mythology 8.

The battles on earth represent trials during which the fallen ones are chosen to enter the warrior heaven. The warrior god intervenes in the moment of the fight in the favor of the chosen one by inducing this state of intense fury and, on the other hand, ties the hands of the enemy with the so called her-fjodur military bound. This induced state of rage made the berserker to feel relieved of all earthy things and concentrate only on his main purpose: to became an einheiar chosen warriorhonored after his death to enter the Germanic heaven generically called Walhalla 9, a term which can be translated as the hall of the chosen ones an there to spend his afterlife in training and feasting.

  1. Меньше всего она могла ожидать вот такого, совершенно обескураживающего, оборота событий.
  2. На движущихся тротуарах, ведших в глубину здания, стояло всего несколько человек, и поэтому, когда Джизирак с Ярланом Зеем остановились наконец в молчании возле длинного, вытянутого цилиндра, который, как знал Джизирак, может унести его в путешествие, сведшее бы его в будущем с ума, рядом с ними никого не оказалось, Его проводник жестом указал ему на отворенную дверь.
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In this way the Germanic tribes tried to explain one of the main features of their mythology: the ongoing menace of the Apocalypse. The warrior god gathers his troops for the Final Battle, Ragnarok, the moment in which the infernal forces will rise against the order instituted by the gods. Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire recruitment of the einheiar is made under the sign of this final battle. This class of beast-warriors made their initiation on the battle field, they must die heroically, enter Walhalla and in the Ragnarok he must fight fiercely and die on the side of his gods.

ROME - Aug. Astfel, o persoană slăbește fără nicio dietă sau alte exerciții fizice. Maria Voica: Proprietățile acestui produs sunt cu adevărat uimitoare, dar unde, după părerea ta, se ascunde cel mai mare pericol pentru dragii noștri spectatori? Ioan Pop, Medic: S-a confirmat că pericolul principal sunt dietele.

This conception becomes a part of Germanic, and later Nordic warrior ideology in such a manner that is generally considered that: the only real support of the human spirit is heroism the fighter demonstrates who he is by dying in battle The Germanic philosophy considered that the real power of the Good is not to smash Evil in a single blow, but to resist Evil as long as possible, accepting a certain defeat if it is necessary on the long term.

Of course, there are great dozes of fatalism in the Germanic mythology and implicitly in their warrior ideology, grouped around the idea that no one pierdere în greutate florența kentucky elude his destiny and the only way to live and die honorably is the way of the warrior.

This mythology, at the institutional level, created a class of specialized warriors whose prime goal was the protection of the ruler, the defense of the community, expansion toward new territories. This organization whose Latin name is comitatus was considered to be the secret weapon that facilitated the expansion of Indo-European communities But beyond the myths and legends lays an entire network of archeological, artistic and literary elements that gocce eco slim pe dimagrire the existence of this class of beast-warriors.

Their fighting technique, as Michael P. Littleton, The New Comparative Mythology. The Germanic warrior stiles, founded during the Bronze Age, gave way among classical Greeks and Romans to rational warfare. In middle and northern Europe, however warriors followed the ancient styles throughout the Iron Age and early Middle Ages And here is the most interesting part: how this rational warfare, especially the Romans used this class of holy warriors.

Tacitus, in his De origine et situ germanorum, emphasizes as seen before a few characteristics of the initiation of the chosen warriors and their way of waging a battle. Before considering Tacitus just a literary exaggeration, we should take a look to the concrete historicalarchaeological evidence.

The most important in this perspective is emperor s Trajan Column, an important work of art and propaganda who also can serve as vital source in the identification of ancient warrior types. Showing the Roman counterattack in Lower Moesia from of A. What is more interesting is a row of foot soldiers wearing wolf and bear skins and using a mixed Roman-Germanic gocce eco slim pe dimagrire These two kinds of warriors wolf- and bear- warriors gocce eco slim pe dimagrire very seldom met together, only in a description from A.

It is astonishing to find in a work of Roman art the same two kind of animal warriors that, years later stalk together in a skaldic poem Anyway the presence of these warriors in the Roman Army in skirmishing operations or in counterattacks or as exploratores was an usual fact.

The same Tacitus described them: a wild show, frightening with animal skins and huge weapons The only problem is the tribal status of these auxiliaries: were they young warriors during their combat initiation or were they champions, fully grown fighters, members of a comitatus?

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It is hard to answer due to lack of Germanic literary source for the specific period. The Romans generally, and the Roman Army specially, had an interesting view toward the Germanic warriors. Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire they were conceived as brutal barbarians especially after the devastating invasions of the Cimbri and Teutons from the end of the 2 nd century B. After the reign of Augustus, more and more 12 Michael P. Speidel, Ancient Germanic Warriors. Mythology and Reality Concerning the Germanic Animal-Warriors Germanic ethnic units were organized as auxilia, and took part in the Roman military campaigns.

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Speidel presumes that in the beginning the Roman soldiers took these skins as a personal trophy from their vanquished enemies. It was a mark of courage: later, the bravest soldier of a unit, the signifier gocce eco slim pe dimagrire such skins especially bear skin as a mark of his rank and status Finally, a few word about the presence of this special class of warriors in the Roman military presence in the province of Dacia.

Between a large number of ethnic units alae, cohortes and numeridraws attention: Ala I Batavorum miliaria - recruited from Batavi, famous for their bravery, specialized in landing operations 19, came in Dacia during the reign of Hadrian and stationed at Boroşneu Mare and Războeni-Cetate. Its presence is marked, among specific archeological proves, by a large number of inscriptions Ala I Tungrorum Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire - recruited from Tungri during the reign of Augustus, came in Dacia also in the time of Hadrian, and was stationed in Banat 21 and Ilişua Numerus Germanorum Germanicianorum exploratorum - this unit participated occupation of Dacia and was stationed at Orăştioara de Sus.

Its presence is marked by many epigraphic proofs.

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The warrior cult and the myths linked pierderea în greutate homestead fl it are the most powerful heritages of the Germanic tribes in the Ancient world. The presence of wolf- and bear-warriors in the Imperial Army, but also in the Nordic Armies, creates a link that united the Ancient world with the Medieval one.

The institution of the comitatus changed its shape and conquered medieval Europe in the form of the knight orders. They had the same 18 Michael P. Speidel, op.

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III, Dacia Superior, t. III, t. These all lead eventually to the expansion of European ideas in the form of the Crusades. Succeeding François Furet, the French historian who turned the gocce eco slim pe dimagrire on the history of the books towards the receiver, we would like to emphases the feminist practices of reading, as they were established at the level of Wallachia and Moldavia s elite.

Our analysis is based on a comparative perspective. It emphases some studies of case, as they are resulted after the enquiry of the official papers of the Court, the denotation on the books pages, correspondence, chronicles, travel diaries. We would like to find out which were the reading genres preferences of the feminine elite during the XVII th and XVIII th centuries, what kind of image the women attracted by reading were able to pass on and if the masculine power, as gocce eco slim pe dimagrire the dominant culture, did really perceived them as becoming intellectuals or, on the contrary, they were looked on hostile.

Keywords: Readings, Woman, Enlightenment, Romanian Society Că nu este alta şi mai frumoasă şi mai de folos în toată viaţa omului zăbavă decât cetitul cărţilor Miron Costin s reflection from the foreword of De neamul moldovenilor, towards which many of the historians of culture have turned to with admiration, almost became a typical collocation when the researchers interest pointed to the study of reading practices in Romanian society at the end of the Middle Age.

But before making any cursory generalization, we have to ask ourselves if we could extend this meditation within the feminine universe.

Especially considering that the way of living and the cultural horizon of the two halves, masculine and feminine, have been so dissimilar up to the XIX th century.

It is only then, women having an intellectual formation according to the Romanticism canons, which means almost nothing less than masculine education, are starting to assert in cultural life, either to literary reunions, such as Livia Maiorescu, the critic s daughter, or having themselves involved in translating works, as Hermiona Asachi, Gheorghe Asachi s daughter, or in journalistic boom, where we meet C.

Rosetti s wife, Maria Rosetti, which is considered to be gocce eco slim pe dimagrire first Romanian female journalist in the literary historian s opinion. Associate Professor, Ph.

As Răzvan Theodorescu 2 perceives it on artistic and cultural level, it is the age of transition between medieval and modern times. According to Michel de Certeau 4, the text is important only through those who actually read it, it changes along with them and is systematized on other perception codes.

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During the last years, researches on the history of culture have brought a displacement of the interest from book to reading and some of 1 Roger Chartier, Lecturi şi cititori în Franţa vechiului Regim, Bucureşti, Editura Meridiane, ; Roger Chartier, Guglielmo Cavallo, Histoire de la lecture dans le monde occidental, Paris, Ėditions du Seuil, ; Robert Darnton, Marele masacru al pisicii şi alte episoade din istoria culturală a Franţei, Iaşi, Editura Polirom, Răzvan Theodorescu, Civilizaţia românilor între medieval şi modern.

Orizontul imaginiivol. Histoire, Science Sociales,no. But it is so difficult to investigate the practice of reading, because it leaves no tangible traces, but can only be perceived in an infinity of some other cultural gestures. In this reading file, succeeding the hermeneut Paul Ricoeur, historians have also highlighted the role of the reader, without him the text having no real significance.

Therefore, we intend to delineate the practice of reading in the feminine universe of Romanian elite, a sequential subject that gocce eco slim pe dimagrire situated at the frontier between the history of books and that of woman s.

If the history of book has initiate the investigation of the past practices of reading, the history of woman continues to be a subject that has been gradually delineated inside the European and American historiography, its study being accelerated by the women s lib of the 70 s and its specific questions raised by the context.

From time to time, there were certain historiographycal assessments, under the form of interrogation, that had been attached to the researches on the women s role, her involvement in quotidian life, her relation with state authority, family etc.

Do women have a history? Finally, inat the colloquy from Rouen, the initial question has been transformed into Is it possible to have a history without women? Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire to Michelle Perrot s opinion, an eminent researcher of the subject, the history of woman has answered to a double will: that of crashing the silence surrounding women s existence and, on the other side, that of making more visible their role in time.

By recovering their traces, historiography enriches its discourse about the economical, social, political, cultural, simbolistical problematics 6. In a methodological and interpretative progress, the studies have delineated monographs or group portraits, have enlightened the relation between public and private, the woman s role gocce eco slim pe dimagrire the community, fashion, travelling, the exile, reading, love, thus passing from meditations on the subject what women are?

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After Histoire mondiale de la femme, froma synthesis coordinated by Pierre Grimal, a specialist in Roman history, who has admitted the scientific importance of the researches over the woman statute in history, passing through the challenges of the generation that has been defined itself as bearer of the discourse La Nouvelle Histoire, up to the Storia delle Donne, the synthesis of the 90 s, coordinated by Michel Perrot and George Duby 8, that legitimates these days the history of women as a distinctive direction in historical researches, we may witness a passionate polemic between gender studies and women studies.

Far from being finished, it proves the selfhood of European discourse of researches as compared to the American one, especially if we count that women studies partisans consider that a history of the gender would guise women again, by opposing the two words, Herstory and Hi s -story, in a concise formula and an untranslatable wordplay 9.

Sounding the past practices of reading is an interesting means of understanding the cultural practices of that time. But gocce eco slim pe dimagrire sources we might use to make such a historical reconstruction are quite few and fragmentary: in this case of feminine elite, most of the testimonies are indirect.

However, we consider that the use of sources like these, may offer suggestions, hypothesis, approximations, interrogations. In order to delineate the feminine reading features, we have chosen to strike out three different directions of investigating the Romanian society of the XVII th -XVIII th centuries: the patronage over the printing activities, feminine book donations and reading, as individual way of selfperfection.

Considering the patronage over the books, as recognition of the patron s spiritual interest for that specific book, according to Professor Alexandru Duţu s assertion 10, we must point out the importance of Matei Basarab s age. It has brought the resumption of typographic activity in Wallachia, which can not be considered as a temporary cultural success, but also in the terms of strengthening the monarchic authority It is, in gocce eco slim pe dimagrire, a real typographical revulsion that may be noticed in the four typographic centres, CâmpulungGovoraDealu Monastery and Târgovişte 7 Ibidem.

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The typography of Câmpulung has replaced Matei Basarab s patronage on that of Melchisedec, the monastery superior, but the other centres have continued their activity as lordly typographies, by printing, at the same time, Slavonic, Slavo-Romanian and Romanian books.

In this cultural climate, alongside lordly patronage, Udrişte Năsturel has been asserted himself as a real spiritual coordinator of those times. The Voivode s brother-in-law, translator and author of some coats of arms poems, he was representing the aulic Orthodox current and he was also member of the socalled court culture By his quill, as a representative figure of the nobility elite, we may foresee some of his sister s cultural profile, Elena, Radu Năsturel s daughter and Matei Basarab s wife.

Even if gocce eco slim pe dimagrire do not know many of her education, we may presume that she could speak Greek; as the wife of the Wallachian voivode, she has been associated with Matei Basarab in his cultural patronage. Although the researches of women history have been for a long time tributary to some anecdotic and sententious reconstructions, even romanticized, the recent studies, as those signed by Violeta Barbu, Maria Magdalena Szekely, Sorin Iftimi, Dan Horia Mazilu 14 are trying to pull out of the anonymity the women statute and their destiny in Romanian past history.

Therefore, we must point out the dedicatory verses that Udrişte Năsturel wrote to his sister, laudable verses, when publishing the Romanian translation of Imitatio Christi, at Dealu Monastery, inwhich is more than an eulogistic canon, a possible reference concerning Elena Basarab s cultural horizon In this stage of Romanian typographic activity, when the religious texts were quite prevailed, along with those of moral education, the praises dedicated to Elena Năsturel do not surpass the religious terms.

According to the time mentality, women were strongly influenced by their readings, that is why 12 Barbu Theodorescu, Repertoriul cărţii româneşti vechi, in Biserica Ortodoxă Română,no. Dregători şi slujitori ai doamnelor Moldovei, in Anuarul Institutului de istorie Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire. Xenopol,vol.

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Năsturel, Genealogia Gocce eco slim pe dimagrire, in Revista pentru istorie, arheologie şi filologie, vol. XI, part I,p 18 Corina Teodor we have to admit as undercurrent the men s surveillance over the texts women were about to read; but in Elena s case, considering that Matei Basarab was not an erudite person, this surveillance was not her husband s prerogative, but of her brother s, Udrişte Năsturel, whose connections with the intellectual and Orthodox circles were already known The feminine elite s involvement in endowing churches and monasteries with religious books, as we may conclude by studying the text s marginal inscriptions, is also due to the religious context of the time.

Women s intention was to enrich the properties of the churches, as they were seen both as res sacra the properly edifice and all those goods used for the religious services, including booksand as res ecclesiastica meaning territorial possessions, financial goods, animals During the last decades, historians have studied the act of founding as connected to religious mentality and it is seen as some kind of bridge between man and God; the founder tries this way to achieve the holly grace