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I got so excited, I knocked my whole. I knocked my whole tea stand down. Hi Debra Hi Jean. I'm back guys I put the wrinkly hoodie.

I put the wrinkly hoodie back up. I'm back. I got so excited, I hit my stand and it knocked me off. I am back thanks guys.

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Oh, my gosh, the best I have so John has I took the size nines um John has hey dudes um and this literally feel like his hey dudes. I can't even explain to you guys but they're affordable. These are I did. I know I knocked it down. Oh my gosh Wendy. I'm obsessed with the hey dudes these are. I ordered this in black camo Buffalo plaid, we got like two or three different types of camo. We ordered some for spring too um leopard like a gray leopard um a nice solid charcoal gray John loves his charcoal gray.

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Oh my gosh. I'm gonna put this up.

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This is by love Richie. We found this brand in Dallas. It is very similar to Paul very similar to pole a little more affordable. Um it's amazing this is there. This is one of the top sellers is the wrinkly hoodie. I love this.

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There's a ton of black. They have half sizes so if you're an eight and a half, do that eight and a half if you're a six and a half do the six and a half um you can wear in softto slimming review soap in the fall, you can wear no show socks with this and like the real low, no show socks.

I don't wear corpul natural spălați pierderea în greutate socks with mine either. Softto slimming review soap John um these shoes, you can absolutely wear in the summer all year round like fall take two. I'm like so excited and hyper to be live, but it's like ridiculous um and we have been I stained what slabire abdomen si solduri stained this stuff last night.

If you guys saw the video on the VIP page, um we stained last night um have been laying the floor. The flooring is completely laid in the new store and we just got home at like o'clock and then I ran in here so we are back home. I'm gonna put up the shoes. This is the black I already did plug in camo and gray leopard because I think they're arriving any day, the gray and the camo um so if you wanna pre off like a size, nine and the camo that too Christina, I do Tuesday at ten, you can wear flat socks.

They're great. Absolutely they do have a cushion in them. There's like a soft cushion in them. Kind of like your feet kinda like oh my gosh, they feel amazing here they are again.

My scanner.

Um where do I put all these things? Oh Holly shoe. These are the Holly shoe. They do not rub your heel it all Ashton um very comfortable.

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I mean you can wear this all day all day all night, everything The grey leopard is great leopard and I think Softto slimming review soap called it a great leopard. Yes, these are I messed up on this should be The camo is a camo and then the black is black.

Size six and a half seven and a half eight and a half nine and a half ten and eleven. If this sell out holy we will keep ordering this. There is a lot in there. Oh my gosh everybody's claiming this um we will keep we're gonna keep reordering this true to size. I'm a solid nine. I wear size nine to the size nine um Maggie my sisters and nine and a half love the nine and a half.

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Yes, Wendy Hicks says she prefers to waitress softto slimming review soap hey dudes rather than tennis shoes easier on her knee and foot. Feel exactly like yours, Yes I do too. Michelle John Where's hey dudes all the time and I've never gotten a pair for myself um so I am just like I can't believe this. I pierderea în greutate indiranagar they are okay for wider feet because they they give a little bit because they are like the linens so they're gonna give um Maggie has a little bit wider foot.

She's a nine and a half, and she's still like her turn nine and a half now I would say. You are a true wide foot softto slimming review soap you softto slimming review soap have a wide foot, maybe size up half the size, so you're a little more comfortable other than that I would do your true size guys, even if your foot is a little wider, do your true size still because the stretch is phenomenal in this, I am so excited for this uh like I said the girls are caught up to next day shipping so these these bad boys will ship tomorrow.

Anything you get tonight will ship tomorrow um and they will pull local pick ups tomorrow too, so local pickup. Guys can pick up this tomorrow, too. I did order the ones for Sherpa inside so we're softto slimming review soap the ones that have like the fuzzy sherpa inside as well as they all roll in.

I promise I will show you guys the day they arrived if camo comes tomorrow, I'll show camo tomorrow night with jeans like I'm really excited for you guys to get this in love this as well. I know right. Wendy you you guys. I posted a video of this when I was at um when I was at this the.

Shoe vendor We posted a live picture of all of them. I'll repost it tomorrow. We did like thirty different styles of shoes from them, so I'll have to repost it tomorrow when we were in Dallas, I posted that okay, This is my other love Richie hoodie.

My other love Richie what I say. Again, They are by very um very jade does all of this, he was super awesome. They are very quick with their shipping um as they are released, so I even ordered shoes for them that will be coming through November December up until January February March For spring. Yes, they're awesome. Let me put up this. Other hoodie I think I accidentally. This is a softto slimming review soap it actually feels okay. I would prefer a medium.

This is a small little cleavage there um it is so stinking soft. This is also by love. Ritchie true to size, it has a hood very soft. This is the black stripe, so there's like a blue burgundy softto slimming review soap then you have your tan and your black. It looks super cute. Super cute with the hey dudes as well. Um this is also I got this in the burgundy color way as well.

I think the burgundy is here too, But as soon as the girls get the burgundy out, I will go through both of these again. It is lightweight, but you definitely don't need to wear anything underneath of this um they are super.

I love the cut of this. Um very, very soft true to size this is love Ritchie here is. Oh, and I put I put a new honey me too. This is the Heidi hoodie. This is the Heidi hoodie again very similar to very similar to pole guys um a little more affordable than usually pull hoodies are in like the dollar range.

It is just very classy. I love that it's like a sweater hoodie um looks. With denim, I put a pair of denim. I was gonna put this on for you, but okay, I'm usually a nine Judy blue guys, but they were a little big and I think I'm now going into a seven duty blo. So they look super cute look at this with denim. Look at this with the denim super softto slimming review soap with dark denim like I said. We're doing jeans tomorrow night. I'm so excited um I'm in the medium leggings.

I'll put them up because these are gonna get restocked So I'll definitely I'll put the leg up. I have we have a couple of colors still available the mauve um the slate I can do I can show leggings again tomorrow too.

I'll go and scan. Oh, my gosh, they're amazing. The stretch is amazing, hold on There is some.

Okay, we have size w Tara usually a size nine Judy, but I put this on and they were a little big so. Dale on gallbladder so you wanna do what's your true women size. What's your true size?

Whatever your true size is so if you're gonna tell me that you are a size six, you can do size Five Judy Blues, whatever you are size down one there's stretch on Judy, like look at this. This is the waist. These are the high waist and again you guys know. I'm not a fan of high-waist jeans but Judy Blues high-waist jeans softto slimming review soap like come up to my neck like normal uh high waist these are uh these are twenty.

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And a half inch in seam um Tuesday at 10 AM, I know so whatever your softto slimming review soap size is do but if it's your first time trying Judy Blues, these are a really nice skinny High-rise Jean that has no distressing. Awesome Yes. I know Alicia we got so many. Oh my gosh Susan, I know I feel like it's just automatically making me lose weight because I like everything is just like you just can't eat anything bad. It's terrible. Your gifts.